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Our Philosophy.

Our team will provide guidance and detailed options to allow you to make an informed decision for your lighting needs. Our team is committed to providing the highest standard of informational resources and tools. We will create a custom energy efficent lighting system based on your individiual goal and budget. We take pride in creating unique lighting designs that are customized. Our past project and goals for future work will provide:


  •  A quick pay-back on initial investment

  • High quality products that meet and exceed health and safety standards

  •  Solid proven energy efficient technology

  • Analysis of your current lighting & energy conditions

  •  Free engineering analysis of your project and sight surve

  • Delivering afortable products tailored for your specific application requirements.

  • Our team will identify:

                o   The least expensive option 

                o   The one which saves the most energy
                o   The one which is brighter and clearer
                o   The one which requires little to no maintenance 


 As a whole we define this service as  AmeriLED's Energy Efficient lighting program. Contact AmeriLED for energy efficent lighting services. 

AmeriLED Corp.


             S e r v i c e s


(707) 986-8828

We believe in the potential of bright ideas!

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